Grace is an enormous word. Lately I have been seeing and hearing this word from all sides. On the radio, in a blogpost, from my friends in conversation, in the sermon, in my daily devotionals… grace. What does it mean?

If you close your eyes, then imagine grace, what do you see, feel and hear?

I feel enveloping relief. A sweet release of tension, fear, and shame. I feel warm and loved. I hear singing, Him singing over me. I see His arms wide open, holes in his hands.


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I think the essence of grace is the total opposite it is to the word “deserve.” A dear friend once said, “We are so good at reward language, but not so good at gift language.” This hits the nail on the head. Everything in life is built upon who deserves what, paying people back, doing good and getting reward, doing bad and getting punishment. The concept of grace is a foreign one to us humans.

Grace is precious, but it is not fragile. It’s stronger than our stubborness and more powerful than shame. It is bigger than our sins, it is more important than our faulty view of ourself. How often do I look at myself through the eyes of grace? The truth is, not often at all. I don’t meet my own expectations, and let that define me. All the value is on my view of myself, not on other people, or even God. God sees us in the eyes of grace. Thank you Jesus! It’s nothing we deserve. We must stop seeing life in terms of deserving, paying, and similar words.

Honestly I think the reason I am writing this is because I long to grasp onto that glorious grace much more than I do. It would change the way I live, love, serve and play. If everything was filled with grace. Grace with others, grace with myself. Always working inside God’s grace, never stepping outside of it. I long to live like that. I need to wake up each and every morning, and remind myself that I am covered in grace. What greater gift is there?

Yet with any valuable gift, it is not free. Oh my friends, it cost more than we can imagine. Today is Good Friday. I cannot begin to imagine the suffering that my Savior went through to purchase that endless stream of grace for me. Today, I am in awe of him.

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At the Cross

I surrender my life

I’m in awe of you!

Where your blood ran red

and my sin washed white

I owe all to you!


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