Two Years of Marriage

The journey has only just begun, my dear.

Life is an ocean, and we have taken a rather daring step by stepping into one boat to sail across it. While this allows for some splendid moments of sunset kisses and starry-eyed dancing, it also adds a bit of complication to the ride. We have own ideas for what direction to head, and how fast to sail. Though we are often in agreement, the smooth waters can burst into turbulent waves without warning, and our peaceful-sailing attitudes are put to the test. My Beloved, you know how I can struggle with that heavy anchor of selfishness I cling to. It’s my comfort; I want to stay put where I am. But how can we move and grow when I stubbornly keep us anchored in place with my self-focus?

I’m so thankful that you gently help me pull it up, that you hold me tightly to you when the tears fall for fear or disappointment, that you lift your own anchor up and allow me to challenge your comfort as well. I can’t say we chose the easier road by tethering ourselves together, but every day it is proven to me that the love and commitment that binds us to each other has brought me the most beautiful of rewards. You, with your glorious and imperfect soul – you have given me wings, and loved me more than I could ever have deserved.

My Love, let us both pull up our anchors and let loose our boat upon the waters of life. A wild and marvelous adventure awaits. Two years is not enough; give me a lifetime, and I will give you mine.



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