Don’t Save It

“I can’t use those candles, I’m saving them for later.”

“No, don’t eat those chocolates! I’m saving them!”

“That bottle of wine is for a special occasion.”

How many times have you said something similar? The candle, chocolate, wine or whatever it is is special to you. Maybe it cost more than you’d usually spend, or you just feel that to burn candles for everyday life would make them lose their importance.

Those are good, legitimate reasons for keeping those things. But listen up: you have to make that later happen.


It’s so silly, but I find myself saying this all the time. I let my chocolate go bad because I never ate it. And then I realized how ridiculous that was. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with saving things for special occasions, but sometimes that special occasion isn’t as grand or monumental as you think it needs to be.

Maybe it’s accomplishing a really long, stressful day at work. Light those candles and take a bath. Maybe it’s payday and Friday, so it’s time to open that bottle of wine and celebrate life.

Think about all the things you’re saving. That fancy dress that you bought … that still hasn’t been worn. Those crystal vases that are sitting in your cupboard when they could be on your table filled with flowers. Things are made to be used and enjoyed!

So pick up one of those things you’ve thought of, and use it sometime this week. So many people have forgotten how to enjoy and savor life, no matter how seemingly insignificant the moment is. Don’t be one of those people. Take a moment and enjoy. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!


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